Being a responsible enterprise is crucial to our continued success. Over the years we have worked in partnership with many of the UK’s biggest companies, earning trust through our commitment and working practise.

We are fully aware that this trust is difficult to earn but easily lost. Indeed it is something that we as a company will never take for granted, and will work to maintain at every opportunity.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy reflects this and is an integral part of our business strategy.We therefore conduct our business activities in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

It is our duty to follow ethical business practices and the following policies reflect this fact:

Business Conduct
All employees adhere to a standard code, particularly when working on client site. This code of conduct is our way of articulating our responsibilities, obligations and the way we conduct business.

Human Resources
We have a strong and robust People Strategy. Whether in the office or out in the field, our knowledge management system allows all staff to have access to best practice, drawn from the knowledge and experience we have all gained from working with others.

We are introducing environmentally friendly selection criteria to outsourced products and are extending our current recycling policy to include a wider range of materials. We are committed to increasing the awareness of the company’s existing environmental policies.

We endeavour to support local businesses through our purchasing. We also have three official charity affiliations, one global, one national and one local. We have included further details on our Charity Support, below.

Supply Chain
Where possible we purchase supplies from ethical sources as a visible contribution to the wider community.

Prevention of Modern Slavery
Capita plc is committed to supporting the elimination of acts of Modern Slavery and accordingly we acknowledge The Modern Slavery Act 2015. Read more
here »

Charity Support

This year, we are committed to supporting the following charities…

Global Charity – Water Aid

WaterAid website

WaterAid is an international NGO dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. These basic services are essential to life, without them vulnerable communities are trapped in the stranglehold of disease and poverty.

WaterAid is independent and relies heavily on voluntary support. For more information on WaterAid:

Registered Charity 288701

National Charity –
The Multiple Sclerosis Trust

Multiple Sclerosis Trust website

The Multiple Sclerosis Trust was established in 1993 to provide practical and relevant support for people who have multiple sclerosis (MS), their family and friends, and the health professionals who work with them.

MS is the most common disabling disease of young people in the UK. A disease for which we know neither cause nor cure, it affects physical, mental and social health. For more information on the MS Trust:

Registered Charity 1088353

Local Charity –
Baldock & Nightingale Day Services

Hertfordshire County Council logo

Hertfordshire County Council’s Baldock & Nightingale Day Services is a day centre that provides services for up to 40 adults daily. Support is given to local people who have learning disabilities, special needs and challenging behaviour.

The Day Service builds on people’s abilities to enable them to make more choices and to develop their skills. The service runs a large range of centre-based activities, as well as helping people get involved in activities outside the centre.