Case Studies

UK Power Networks

When EDF Energy brought together the distribution businesses of London Power Networks, Seeboard Power Networks and Eastern Power Networks, it faced the prospect of having to deal with the management of over 1.8 million assets from across the 3 companies; each using separate and aging legacy processes and systems for asset management.

Southern Water UMP project

Southern Water is carrying out a major programme of environmental and service improvements during the current regulatory period.The Universal Metering Programme (UMP) includes the management of an intensive meter installation process and the subsequent collection and management of the meter readings to ensure accurate and timely billing of customers.

National Grid Ellipse

National Grid’s MIMS solution contained a significant portfolio of customisations implemented in previous initiatives to bridge gaps between core capability and business requirements. The latest version of the software had the potential to fill many of these gaps and precluded the requirement for forward fitting the customisations. National Grid accordingly took the decision to upgrade the MIMS system to the latest version of Ellipse.

Ellipse Web Portal in Scottish Water

Working with Scottish Water, AMT-SYBEX identified two areas of their business that could be enhanced by deploying new applications using the Ellipse Web Application Portal.

Device Replacement and FDCS Optimisation at Southern Water

AMT-SYBEX has concluded a Mobile application project with Southern Water which replaced existing life-expired hand-held devices used to receive work orders in the field.

Sink or Swim with Smart Meter Data Management

When the UK government announced that the introduction of smart metering technologies to all homes would be a top priority, we immediately recognised that the proposed rollout presented both a challenge and an opportunity that would soon be repeated in other global energy markets.

Bord Gáis

The AMT-SYBEX Data Transfer Solution (DTS*) was chosen by BGE after a competitive tender process. The flexibility of the product, which uses a catalogue driven approach to market data, shortened the time required to implement the solution and the risks associated with this complex project were minimised.