Smart meters: are you fully prepared?

Malcolm Fletcher of AMT-SYBEX explains why technical considerations shouldn’t be the only concern for energy retailers and DNOs

Meet us at the Water Industry Energy Conference, 13th June, Birmingham

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Water Industry Energy Conference on the 13th June at the Birmingham Conference and Events Centre.

Know How: Getting ready for Nexus

Samir Alilat of AMT-SYBEX explains why analytics is a key requirement for business readiness.

Enabling customer switching in the water market with Affinity Marketflow

Affinity Marketflow will be used by Northumbrian Water and Thames Water to manage their wholesale business interaction with MOSL’s Central Market Operating System (CMOS).

Know How: An analytics platform to improve customer experience

Mark Thompson of AMT-SYBEX explains how dataflow-level analytics can help pinpoint operational issues and boost customer service.

Capita plc in the Forbes Top 100 Most Innovative Companies listing for the third year running

Capita, AMT-SYBEX’s parent company, has retained a place on the Forbes list of the world’s 100 most innovative companies.

Agriculture Minister McIlveen announces £8.7 million contract for new state of the art traceability system

Agriculture Minister Michelle McIlveen has announced the award of an £8.7 million contract for the delivery of a new state of the art food, animal health and traceability system for Northern Ireland.