Flexibility – It’s our design philosophy

Liam Doherty explains why the right design philosophy is crucial when developing and implementing solutions for essential industries.

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The right to change your solution!

Eamon Murphy explains why flexibility is key for mobile solutions.

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Embracing the disruption

Leonard Hayes takes a look into the future for essential industries – and explains how to prepare for the unexpected

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Absorbing change

Colin Challenger looks at how essential industries can keep mobile projects on target when the goalposts move.

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When SOA becomes SOS

Conor Toal on how to avoid that sinking feeling when plotting a course to service-oriented architecture.

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The iPhone as a game-changer

Leonard Hayes takes a look at how the iPhone revolution has become a game-changer for our industry.

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Get Connected – from Big Data to Big Results

Big Data is all around us, it’s the current hot topic impacting all areas of business.

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