Setting a course for Open Water

David Tyler maps out the challenges and opportunities for a more competitive UK water industry.

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Meter data simulation technology – preparing for the challenges ahead

Fiona Fulton, Smart Metering Lead at ScottishPower Energy Networks, discusses how AMT-SYBEX meter data simulation technology can help her company predict and prepare for the challenges ahead.

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Predicting the impact of smart metering

Mark Thompson explains how meter data simulators will help energy suppliers and network operators realise the benefits of smart metering from day one.

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A more flexible way to integrate with CRM and billing platforms

Struggling to integrate CRM and billing platforms from a global software provider with localised industry data-flows and processes? Andrew Hodgson has the answer.

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Making the case for Smarter Network Storage

Nick Heyward of UK Power Networks explores possible commercial models for Smarter Network Storage installations, and how the UK energy industry can benefit.

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Visibility – the first step to a smart grid

Georgina Dingley discusses the challenges of smart grid infrastructure and assesses the first steps for distribution system and network operators.

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