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Enterprise Asset Management: Applications

Work Planning

Effective planning of work is an essential component of work management, providing scheduling systems or teams with an achievable starting point. The Ellipse Work Planner not only displays live work load data in a Gantt view but will also display available resource by skill or team (or both). This enables planners to move activities within tolerance parameters to ensure a smooth feed of work to the available resource.

Specialist Industry Processes

The flexibility provided by the core EAM system ensures that specific and critical data can be held against safety critical assets. However, the processes and rule sets required for controlling such data are often of a complex nature and cannot be met by the base product. Affinity Systemreach provides a framework to allow lightweight web applications to be developed to meet specific specialist requirements while ensuring the integrity of the data held is maintained through specific process based rules.

Visualisation of Asset Data

The latest Ellipse versions provide both internal spatial storage (Oracle spatial tables) and standards based [Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service (WMS)] integration to GIS.

This provides the user with a map based view of asset locations and enables ad hoc asset grouping and online analysis of recorded defects or work by location and asset.