EAM in Energy

The Energy sector is undergoing a major change as consumers become suppliers and power generation is diversified across the country. The challenge of smart meters and the data they collect is fast approaching. This degree of change is unparalleled and demands high levels of agility for both people and systems.

These changes will impact the asset management and maintenance strategies of the future and we have been working closely with the energy infrastructure industry and industry partners such as the Institute of Asset Management to develop solutions to help our clients manage these challenges.

Our Products

Fieldreach is a business driven mobile solution that allows you to configure and deploy solutions in the field tailored to your own specific requirements.

Systemreach is a core framework which allows you to deploy web applications more quickly and with less risk than traditional bespoke development.

Ellipse is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management solution.


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Protect people and assets with confidence.

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Unit Costs

The flexibility of our Enterprise Asset Management system ensures that critical data can be held against safety critical assets.
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Fault Management

Our EAM solution is the back bone to the reactive work processes in a number of UK energy organisations.