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Enterprise Asset Management for Transport: Applications

Linear Assets

Until recently, linear assets have always needed multiple systems to provide the required management solution, frequently operating through limited bespoke interfaces or in isolation. The recent release of the ABB Ellipse 8 Enterprise Asset Management solution now allows standards based integration with GIS systems enabling spatial, static, condition and work related data to be available and visualised in a single place.

Equipment Register screens in Ellipse

Inspections and Defects

The management of data from inspections and the management of defects as specific entities is simplified in new Ellipse modules which allow data to be recorded for specific detailed inspections and now provides a new “Defect” entity that will have its own life cycle. The improvements provide significant benefits for asset managers as a full history is maintained of inspection data allowing any trends to be identified. In addition, any defects that are not taken forward as work items are still available in the system for analysis and indeed may be risk assessed if appropriate to help decide if work should be triggered.

Integrating the corporate EAM solution with Affinity Fieldreach makes it easier to inspect the condition of your assets and implement your maintenance strategy. Whether your inspection programme is managing the Health and Safety risk that your assets are carrying or being utilised to drive a planned preventative maintenance programme; Fieldreach can be configured to deliver an inspection solution that is tailored to your business and targeted for the asset and user.

Examples of inspection solutions delivered using Fieldreach include Bridges and Structures Condition Inspections, Risk Based Inspections for Level Crossings, Switches and Crossing Condition Inspection.

Multiple iPhones showing Inspections functionality in Fieldreach

Asset Verification

Fieldreach is used by the largest Rail Network Operator in the UK to verify switches and crossing asset data ensuring that the assets contained within the Enterprise Asset Management system are correct and the associated attribute data is verified. Verified asset data for safety critical assets enables delivery of the maintenance programme and operation of a safe and efficient network.

Multiple iPhones showing Asset Verification functionality in Fieldreach