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Enterprise Asset Management for Water: Applications

Asset Data

To achieve the quality of decision making required in the industry requires quality data from the field. Fieldreach provides this capability throughout the water industry. This must be supported by flexible tools which can be deployed using Systemreach to build structures and define relationships to ensure a high level of data accuracy on which to base business decisions.

The Ellipse Geospatial module allows the integration of network data in the GIS system to the asset and work repository enabling data to be analysed in a meaningful way, providing insights that used to take weeks of data extracting and mapping to achieve.

Failure Analysis

Maintenance programmes are expensive but essential to keep assets delivering. While the level of maintenance can be determined from multiple sources (local knowledge, manufacturer’s recommendations etc.) in house analysis is also a valid tool to maintain the most effective maintenance regime.

We provide functional solutions for collecting asset failure data. Based on the Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) methodology our system can prompt users to record a failure coding structure that enables analysis of the modes and causes of asset failures. This analysis can determine if maintenance changes are required to reduce asset failures.

Customer work

Our EAM solutions support our UK water clients in the delivery of their customer facing work. Calls are taken through the contact centre registering details in their CRM solution. These could be meter requests, incident reports or requests for new connections. Our standard EAM integration model allows this data to flow into the back office, creating Work Requests, Work Orders or Job Estimates. Each type of call can initiate different work flows.

For example, a customer reporting a leak in the road may initiate a Work Order that is immediately despatched to a leakage inspector ‘s Fieldreach device for resolution. A request for a new connection will start a workflow to create an estimate and quotation for work, which needs to be approved by the developer before being sent to our Systemreach contractor portal so that the work can be executed by the new connections contractor.