Affinity Marketflow live in ScottishPower (part of the Iberdrola Group)

AMT-SYBEX is pleased to announce that Affinity Marketflow recently went live in ScottishPower and is now successfully processing electricity and gas dataflows for over five million customers in the UK. In December 2012, ScottishPower successfully implemented the Marketflow for IS-U modules of the solution as a key enabler for its deployment of SAP CRM and IS-U which is being implemented as part of a major business transformation programme.

Marketflow has been deployed as a strategic industry interaction platform enabling all of the customers core business processes across all of its industry roles and to interact with other electricity and gas industry participants.

About Affinity Marketflow
Marketflow is a powerful industry dataflow management solution for major energy companies within deregulated energy markets. For more information click here »