Stacking the Benefits of Energy Storage

As demand for electricity grows, the pressure on the UK’s electricity networks and system as a whole continues to increase. As a result, the need for the industry to innovate becomes more critical and opportunities to stack the benefits of energy storage are created.

For Transmission companies, Energy Storage can provide:

  • A highly responsive frequency response service to respond quickly and efficiently to fluctuations
  • Real and Reactive Voltage Control to support Transmission Network Voltage in the period immediately following a fault
  • A means of deferring network reinforcement expenditure on the transmission network

For DNO’s, Energy Storage can provide:

  • an alternative source of electricity, acting as a safety net during periods of peak demand and reducing the need for costly capital investment in network upgrades
  • a reliable cost competitive demand response service
  • the opportunity to revenue stack and capitalise on the availability of stored energy for system balancing purposes

For renewable generators optimised energy storage will help to:

  • maximise the return on investment of a costly grid connection by providing the flexibility to offer a broader range of services with more certainty
  • increase the opportunities for managing Triad periods
  • reduce periods of lost revenue due to curtailment by the network operator

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