Meeting the challenge

Fieldreach components provide a flexible set of tools that can be fully integrated into enterprise asset management, enterprise resource planning and scheduling systems. Fieldreach can also be deployed ‘stand-alone’ to accelerate deployment for data capture centric applications.

Diagram of Fieldreach components and connectivity

Script Builder

Fieldreach supports mobile process orchestration and execution via an intelligent scripting mechanism. Script Builder is the process creation tool which has been designed for business users, not technicians. Script Builder incorporates a simple interface to define the data, metadata and business process for mobile fieldworkers. Script Builder requires no programming, design or database skills to operate, focusing on data and how data is captured. There is also no need to worry about creating ‘forms’ and designing how these will look on the variety of mobile devices available; Fieldreach takes care of layout and presentation automatically.

Field Data Manager

Provided for use by performance managers, auditing and quality assurance staff, Field Data Manager is a powerful tool for analysing data from mobile fieldworkers.

Mobile Applications

Deployed on Mobile devices, Fieldreach includes packaged modules to support the common ways Fieldworkers receive, process and complete their workload. For example the Work Manager mobile application provides features for receiving planned and reactive work instructions, managing the progression of work through various stages and the association of relevant asset, process or other relevant data.

Fieldreach Integration Services

Fieldreach is provided with integration services to connect with back office systems for Asset Management, Work Management and Scheduling. The pre-packaged services support all the generic business processes necessary to receive work details, asset records and supporting information and to update the appropriate systems with job progress, asset changes and any supporting information.

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