Industries Overview

We work for essential industries. They make energy and water constantly available in our homes; they run transport systems that get us to where we want to be.

Behind the electricity plug and underneath your train seat are hugely complex systems of people, assets and data. They are constantly tuning these systems to make them as efficient as possible.

We’ve spent over twenty years helping businesses do this. Please take a look.


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Continuous IT innovation will be required to support the industry in the coming years.
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Energy Networks

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The drive for an ever more cost effective, reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure continues.
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Energy Retail

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Meeting the Smart challenge will require highly flexible energy systems and processes.
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The industry is striving to increase service performance, while demonstrating value for money.
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The challenge of effectively managing resources through better asset performance.
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Digital mobile solutions for community and mental health.
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The industry must balance public confidence with the demands of the low carbon economy and energy security.
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