Managing data in perpetual change

Affinity Marketflow takes large volumes of structured messages from multiple points and co-ordinates their journey across a market or organisational landscape. It orchestrates data flows and has a unique depth of integration capability, integrating easily with other enterprise systems. It has unrivalled and proven performance and reliability for highly complex processes and business rules to maximise efficiency of the processes. With so many messages exchanged between multiple systems, Marketflow makes this process easier and also minimises manual intervention when exceptions arise and errors are raised. This unique flexibility insulates our clients and other systems on the landscape from unnecessary and costly change.

Marketflow is designed to manage industry processes and dataflows in the most complex, highest volume energy market in the world, the UK. This flexibility has been tested and proven, making it a highly reliable market interaction tool. Its uses go beyond energy and have applications in other sectors requiring management of complex flows of data such as the water and transport industries.

Marketflow product screen

Manage end-to-end business processes

Marketflow allows our customers to manage and control their dataflows with greater visibility than ever before. With a high concurrency, high performance Finite State Machine based Process Management framework, where each business process operates as its own thread running on the processor, the system can robustly handle significant peaks in processing requirements. We have customers managing processes and dataflows relating to >20 million meter points on a single technical platform.

Marketflow product screen

Single point of control

We recognise that our customers may have many systems which they use to manage different processes, Marketflow integrates with these and can be used as a single point of control for industry processes and dataflow management, reducing overall cost of ownership of complex localised deployments. We have standard interfaces to SAP, Oracle, Itineris, Ferranti and other CRM/Billing platforms and a range of integration options for file, message or service based interaction with other solutions as part of an end to end process.

Marketflow product screen

Change of supplier process

For a dual fuel customer, the change of supplier process can mean the management of many separate messages. With Marketflow, the whole process is automated from end to end, so there’s no need to input any data manually and most exception handling can be automated using rules that are supplied as standard with the product. Our solution automatically generates chase-up emails when data is missing or late, and can escalate any problems to the appropriate contact.

Flexibility in the face of change

As the industry standards for industry processes and data exchange continue to evolve, and new industry processes continue to be developed, Marketflow makes it easier for our customers to update their systems using configuration rather than development.

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