Affinity Marketflow®

Affinity Marketflow is a powerful industry dataflow management solution and complete process orchestration framework for major utility companies operating within deregulated markets. It provides a market interaction platform that uses centralised flexible data catalogues to organise, validate and orchestrate data flow and a unique high performance process orchestration framework to co-ordinate and automate the handling of interactive processes for de-regulated markets and smart metering.

Why choose Marketflow?

Affinity Marketflow was born out of chaos. Deregulation of the utility industries meant that businesses had to be able to communicate efficiently with other market participants. The reality was that nothing on the market had both the power and flexibility to manage end to end processes and also enable market participants to deal with constant change.

Trusted and established

  • Marketflow has proven itself in the UK energy market, where it manages the data flows of British Gas, EDF Energy, RWE npower, Scottish and Southern Energy and Iberdrola-ScottishPower’s electricity and gas customers. It is also deployed by Bord Gáis Éireann and all gas shippers in the deregulated Irish gas market.
  • Marketflow is currently being deployed in two of the largest water wholesale companies in the English market. Selected by Thames Water and Northumbrian Water, it will be used for interaction with the Market Operator in the competitive non-household Water market in England.
  • Marketflow is the main dataflow and industry process management platform for five of the “Big Six” energy retailers in the UK and is also used in a number of B2B and smaller/independent suppliers in the Industrial and Commercial sector. It underpins the entire Republic of Ireland gas Market including support for all of the interactions between the central service for Supply Point Administration/Settlement Calculation and all of the Gas Shippers operating in the market. It supports customer switching, meter to cash, meter exchange/installation and other market processes for 35 million gas and electricity customers.

Diagram illustrating Marketflow's process

Market communication

  • The UK is widely recognised as the most complex and demanding energy market communication requirement in the world due to the scale and structure of the market and numbers of customer switching. The capability engineered into Marketflow to deal with such a demanding operating environment means that it is particularly well placed to support market communications in other geographies worldwide.
  • The product is truly flexible in nature and is the only product which has been deployed in multiple geographical areas and across industry sectors in support of de-regulated market processes.
  • Supports market communication requirements in international markets including support for EDIFACT and ebIX informed market models or markets with their own XML based or Service based interaction formats.

Marketflow has the capability to:

  • Support full processing and validation of agreed data formats that are likely to change
  • Support new data formats that need to be exchanged with other systems or companies and the end to end management and orchestration of the processes that trigger these data exchanges
  • Isolate changing external formats from internal systems (e.g. CRM and Billing platforms) and processes thus minimising IT costs
  • Support a variety of technical and communications protocols
  • Correlate industry and technical events to filter out only core business events that require action
  • Provide highly automated exception handling capability to minimise the need for manual user intervention

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