Meeting the challenge

Diagram illustrating Meterflow's components and connectivity to other systems

Smart meter deployment

Meterflow supports the deployment of meters using configurable out of the box processes such as service point creation, asset stock load and physical installation at the premise. This capability includes integration to key parties throughout the deployment such as market agent and metering head end systems and is supported by robust functionality that addresses smart metering data security.

Meterflow also provides key reporting and analysis functions that are required to report on progress for regulatory and commercial requirements.

Smart network operations

Once meters and other monitoring devices have been deployed, Meterflow provides a comprehensive set of operational management tools.

Data collection

Collection of various channels of smart meter data (such as active power, reactive power and voltage) in line with configurable collection schedules to support key processes such as billing, outage management and revenue protection.


Validation and estimation

Validation and Estimation of all incoming data in line with local regulations using our library of configurablefunctions based on best practice global standards. This includes a comprehensive suite of “out of the box” rules that can be configured based on customer requirements.


Event management

Event Management Framework for developing business rules to create information from the mass of alarms and technical events received from the AMI network which enables the utility to move to a more proactive approach to issue resolution (e.g. Power Outages, Revenue Protection Issues).


Exception management

An exception management framework for dealing with a variety of data exceptions created by pre-configured routines such as data load, validation and event management exceptions.


Remote meter management

Capability to call remote meter functions either directly from Meterflow or as secure services to downstream system such as CRM, Billing and Asset Management. Remote meter management is based on each meter type’s available function’s and data capabilities.


Integration services

Meterflow is provided pre-packaged with a set of generic re-usable integration services that support integration of Meterflow functions with back office systems (e.g. CRM, Billing, Asset Management). These services are presented as web services (or methods that can be called through message queues) that can readily be integrated with internal systems or Customer Portals as required.

SAP AMI Integration

Meterflow includes integration into SAP via SAP AMI interfaces. This includes support for AMI 2 (EhP5) and AMI 3 (EhP6).

The product comes pre-packaged with SAP integration and related business processes including the following areas:

  • Meter asset procurement
  • Asset works
  • Meter to cash
  • Change of supplier
  • Product management
  • Meter operations (Inc. Event/Meter faults)
  • Customer services
  • Price change


Dashboard and reporting

Fully interactive dashboard and reports are provided to support deployment and operational processes. These have been developed to support utilities day to day operations such as network health and deployment tracking.



Meterflow provides rating functionality to create billing period, values and rates. This includes preparation of basic billing data such as register readings but also enables more complex billing calculations driven by initiatives such as time of use charging, CPP(Critical Peak Pricing) and Demand Response.



A variety of easy to use administration tools are provided to support organisational management of all Meterflow master data and the application configuration.