• Built on Proven Affinity Suite Technology which currently supports 35 million UK Customers
  • Licensed for 20 million points and growing, including to a major global meter manufacturer
  • Benchmarked by IBM for end to end processing for 10 million meter points in less than 36 minutes
  • Reduced storage and hardware requirements (benchmarked for 100 million meter points on a single IBM Power7 16 Core system)


  • A single platform for traditional and smart meter processes
  • Supports multiple catalogues and migration of customers from “dumb” to smart.
  • Packaged support for local markets
  • Insulates internal enterprise systems from changing external formats


  • An integrated platform for traditional and smart metering
  • Rich integration with SAP and other enterprise platforms
  • Remote meter management capability
  • Packaged event management rules and integration processes

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