Affinity Meterflow®

The business demands posed by changes to energy industry structures and the potential introduction of smart grids requires powerful, scalable solutions.

Energy companies know that the mass roll-out of smart meters will introduce a flood of interval and event data. Affinity Meterflow meets these huge demands for data processing performance and enables the smooth interaction with business processes involving other parties in de-regulated energy markets.

Meterflow is our industry solution for Meter Data Management that provides a single platform for the management of traditional and smart meter data. This includes the collection, validation, management, and dissemination of meter readings and events and also the ability to carry out remote meter management for gas and electricity and both domestic and business customer types.

Meterflow hides the complexities of traditional and advanced metering from the back office and includes “out of the box” process frameworks that have been built with the flexibility to adapt to local markets and conditions.

Proven technology

Meterflow has been benchmarked by IBM to 100 million meters for data load, validation, estimation and billing preparation proving that it can cope with the huge data challenge that smart metering is presenting to utilities globally. The unrivalled performance of Meterflow enables our customers to have confidence that they have selected the market’s most high performance and scalable product

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Diagram illustrating how Meterflow functions within the smart meter data system

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