Digital Mobile Solutions

Our mobile products are ground-breaking, leading the industry in their high level integration capability, degree of flexibility and proven ability in the field. Leading, globally recognised organisations including National Grid, Transport for London and Network Rail have been trusting us with their mobile solutions since 1999 and we have licensed more than 50,000 mobile devices to date.

Our success is based on a foundation of industry experience and knowledge. We recruit staff that have worked deep within the industries in which we operate and so understand the problems that face your business. We understand, for example, that when a mobile worker cannot receive jobs, the cost to your business can be much higher than for an IT problem affecting only office staff. We have therefore designed our mobile solutions to be stable, ergonomically designed, and backed by high quality support services. Since 1996 we have helped our clients navigate a rapidly changing mobile world, mitigating the very real risks posed by new technology with products that are adaptable yet scalable to the highest volumes of user numbers and that are integrated with the leading enterprise systems.

Mobility Products

Our mobility products have been developed to meet the most common mobility challenges, whether that be mobilising for the first time, embarking on the use of second generation mobile, or avoiding costly enterprise software customisation.

Fieldreach is a business driven mobile solution that allows you to configure and deploy solutions in the field tailored to your own specific requirements.

Systemreach is a core framework which allows you to deploy web applications more quickly and with less risk than traditional bespoke development.

Our solutions have been designed to enable key business processes such as:

Asset Management

Providing mobile visibility of assets, performing inspections and recording asset details, condition and health information

Data Capture

Capturing key business data at the point of work in a structured and consistent way, supported by location information, photographs and signatures.

Work Management

For work or fault driven processes including field service management, incorporating the receipt of planned, scheduled and reactive work, the progression of work through various stages and the capture of on-site data including risk assessments, associated asset and equipment details and any customer feedback.