Built for the industry

Affinity Networkflow development has been guided by engineering and business experts recruited from the industry. They understand the day-to-day issues that face your business and this emphasis, combined with our proven technology, has resulted in a solution which is ready for real world deployment. Networkflow has been designed to enable the following key business objectives:

Operational control and forecasting

Outage data management – shielding critical network management systems from data storms during large outage events and processing reconnection alerts to inform field engineers in real time of successful job completion and nested faults.

Faster fault finding – a large volume of outage events can be processed into a single high priority event relating to a network asset where a fault has occurred.

Automatic processing of single and spurious outage events – many calls in to the utility reporting an outage are in fact trips within the home, these can be resolved remotely by checking the energisation status of the meter using the remote meter management capabilities of Networkflow.

Next day fault analysis – having intelligent data about an outage will save time in understanding the nature, extent and possible cause of the fault.


Developing great customer service

More accurate customer information – as part of the outage management functionality of Networkflow fault locations and extents are able to be more quickly identified, thus increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the information delivered to your customer.

Remote diagnostics – when a customer calls to complain of poor service, the customer agent can request a status check on their meter. This will immediately highlight any connection issues, recent outages, voltage events and changes to firmware, providing immediate evidence to send to a power quality engineer for escalation.

Faster fault finding – a key benefit of faster fault finding via the outage management capabilities of Networkflow is that customers are restored more quickly and nested faults are identified before an engineer leaves the area.


Standardised measurement of operational outcomes

Visibility of network performance and efficiency – operators can view the impact of initiatives on network performance. This data will be collected by Networkflow and made available in customisable reports within Networkflow.

Extracting intelligent statistics from data

Enabling a technology framework for new use of network and data from low carbon technologies – This data, as with smart meter data, only has value when managed and related to the network. Networkflow has the capability to efficiently store this data, cleanse (validate, estimate, edit) and manage events from it. The ability of Networkflow to deploy advanced algorithms, such as demand forecasting and optimisation, as well as masked load analysis and more, means it can provide a powerful smart grid platform from which to manage data, events and devices on the network in relation to its real time status. This exploitation of data hasn’t been achieved at scale by any utility at present and would provide a landmark innovation project.