Affinity Networkflow®

Affinity Networkflow is a powerful operational and commercial Data Management tool designed to assist in the transition to smarter networks. Built on proven Affinity Suite components, Networkflow is the most potent and efficient data management tool available to network operators and energy asset owners e.g. renewables and storage owners.

Why choose Networkflow?

With Networkflow, operators can easily transition to using smart meter data and achieve greater choice, control and efficiencies for their network. Networkflow also optimises network and storage assets as well as stacking commercial revenue options, giving operators greater oversight of how hard their energy is working for them as well as the ability to manage future risk.

Chosen by the best

  • Selected to be the brain behind the UK’s biggest Smarter Network Storage Project -Networkflow manages the intelligent information exchange between the control system of this storage battery, the network and the wider market. Read more about Networkflow’s energy management ability here.
  • Licensed by Iberdrola-ScottishPower for meter data management and smart meter data simulation

Proven Performance

  • The meter data management components of Networkflow have been benchmarked by IBM and Oracle and our data management components can complete end-to-end processing for 10 million devices in less than 36 minutes.

Easy integration

  • Networkflow is a single platform for gathering smart grid data from the network simplifying the integration process.
  • Networkflow can be easily integrated with GIS, SAP, asset management and planning systems.
  • Networkflow uses the industry standard “Common Information Model” to structure the data and enable seamless communication across systems.
  • Networkflow integrates with a broad spectrum of operational systems and services including DNO and National Grid ancillary services.
  • Networkflow is compatible with all available large scale battery technology technologies on the market

Networkflow has the capability to:

  • Optimise the value of an Energy storage installation by scheduling a range of commercial services, whilst also maintaining, responding to, and respecting network constraints in its operation.
  • Integrate securely to new smart metering data channels (e.g. the UK Data Communications Company – DCC) and manage the installation and registration processes
  • Provide you with valid data, in a form relevant to your network while protecting the privacy of your customer’s data
  • Allow managers to control the volume and frequency of data and alarms
  • Provide operations with fault locations by asset, nested faults by asset, and flags up incipient faults, improving security of supply and fault response times
  • Provide customer services with better information about faults and allow them to remotely verify reported customer problems, improving customer service
  • Identify mismatches between connectivity models and real outage event patterns improving data quality and operational efficiency
  • Allow planners and asset management to view voltage, outage and incipient fault events by asset and network group improving safety and asset management
  • Allow planners to view average load profiles and indices and real voltage data across the network allowing for increasingly accurate and efficient planning to take place