Affinity Fieldreach demonstrated on iPad and iPhone at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW

Affinity Fieldreach running on an iPad
AMT-SYBEX was one of a select group of SAP partners from around the globe, invited to participate in the Partner Showcase Theatre at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW.

The event took place on 9-10 November in Madrid. At the event we presented the benefits and features of our mobile solution Affinity Fieldreach. After the presentation attendees were invited to test the solution on an iPad running mobile work management and scripted data collection for Vehicle Inspections, Home Safety Inspections, Property Interface Surveys, Rail Track Weld Inspections, Work Arising and Job Completion.

Alongside formal certification of Fieldreach on the Sybase Unwired Platform, this event provided AMT-SYBEX with a means to discuss and demonstrate our pedigree in the SAP Mobilisation space and position our mobility business firmly aligned to SAP’s mobility strategy.

About Affinity Fieldreach

Affinity Fieldreach is a business driven mobile solution that allows you to customise and deploy solutions in the field tailored to your own specific requirements. It has over 20,000 mobile users in the UK alone. The power and flexibility of Fieldreach lies in Intelligent Scripting™ – our unique, script based method of sequencing instructions and data collection.

It enables easy embedding of existing business processes without the need for device-side software development. Fieldreach is fully certified on the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and brings Intelligent Mobile Working to the SAP eco-system.