Affinity Fieldreach selected by Electricity North West

Electricity North West Limited (ENWL), the distribution network operator for electricity in the North West of England have purchased additional licenses for Affinity Fieldreach to mobilise fieldworkers, improve asset data, maintain safety levels and streamline business processes.

Fieldreach is a solution that enables vital mobile processes including asset and work management and data capture. This particular deployment of Fieldreach will support an upgrade of existing windows devices, which are used to carry out asset surveys, and include a roll out to several hundred Apple iPhones to field operatives who have until now, collected data manually.

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ENWL will use Fieldreach for photo evidence; capturing pictures of ground work contracts before, during and after completion to comply with the Traffic Management Act. Pictures captured will be date and time stamped in order to demonstrate compliance with Traffic Management Act regulations. Not only will Fieldreach enable ENWL to adhere to the regulations around Traffic Management, it will allow them to maintain their safety record and ensure data is captured in a consistent format, at the right place and the right time.

Fieldreach will be used for vegetation management around overhead lines, asset maintenance, and it will continue to be used for asset surveys. A set of specific questions designed to capture data on the maintenance of the asset will be delivered to the Operatives’ Apple device enabling him/her to capture accurate and meaningful data which will be used for Management Information reporting across the ENWL business.

Collating data in this way enables ENWL to continue to maintain and operate the network, successfully bringing electricity to more than 5 million people.

About Affinity Fieldreach
Affinity Fieldreach is a business driven mobile solution that allows you to configure and deploy solutions in the field tailored to your own specific requirements. It has been licensed on more than 35,000 mobile devices. The power and flexibility of Fieldreach lies in the unique mobile process orchestration which allows users to model existing business processes without the need for device-side software development. More »