AMT-SYBEX and the Institute of Asset Management

AMT-SYBEX are collaborating with fellow colleagues at the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), to guide and manage the production of 39 Sector Specific Guidelines that organisations will use when they are seeking to achieve PAS 55.

PAS 55 is the British Standards Institution’s (BSI) Publicly Available Specification for the optimised management of physical assets. The Institute of Asset Management has recently launched an initiative to develop sector specific guidelines (SSG) which will provide more detailed guidance and information on how the principles of PAS 55 can be implemented.

In the initial phase of this initiative, four priority subjects have been identified by members and Patrons and the steering group are now looking to recruit resources to lead and work on the production of the SSGs. The aim is to complete these initial SSGs for launch at the IAM summer conference, June 2012.

With a wide understanding of practices and challenges within Asset Management, AMT-SYBEX was welcomed to this role being able to deliver cross sector and multiple company experience in asset management to the IAM’s SSG initiative.