AMT-SYBEX delivers a Strategic Mobile Review for an Australian Electricity Utility

AMT-SYBEX has just completed a Strategic Mobile Review for an Electricity Transmission and Distribution Utility based in Western Australia.

The objective of the review, commissioned by the CIO, was to provide a framework of practical advice and direction for the future selection, adoption and management of mobile technology.

Designed not just to accommodate the needs of the ‘blue collar’ field worker, but also those of the corporate ‘white collar’ knowledge worker, the review considered many aspects, including emerging ‘cloud’ technologies that will impact mobility moving forward.

Like many enterprise organizations, there is real desire in this utility to accelerate the pace of change, including wider deployment of mobile technology, and this needs to be well co-ordinated and planned. To that end, the review delivered a recommended mobile technology adoption timeline, recommended mobile reference architecture and proposed implementation roadmap that will support a future decision making process in which projects are set to succeed.