AMT-SYBEX portal solution enables large scale data collection in water client

An AMT-SYBEX portal solution is enabling a strategic asset data verification exercise in a UK water client. A major survey of above ground assets on thousands of sites has commenced to verify existing asset data and collect new data where gaps exist.

The solution incorporates a suite of tools to support site inspections (by both contractors and internal personnel) and to enable the efficient entry of asset data into the Asset Register, while ensuring that all aspects of data integrity is assured. AMT-SYBEX provided a complete end-to-end solution, which eliminates data duplication, increases security, minimises risk through reducing the possible points of failure, utilises existing components of the IT estate, and lowers the overall cost of ownership and support.

The AMT-SYBEX approach to web portals is enhanced by common elements from the Affinity Suite of enterprise class data management products.