AMT-SYBEX’s Affinity Suite to power UK Power Networks Smarter Network Storage project

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AMT-SYBEX’s Affinity Suite has been chosen by UK Power Networks to deliver the optimisation and control platform at the centre of the utility company’s Smarter Network Storage project, which has been awarded £13.2 million of funding from the Low Carbon Network Fund. The ground-breaking project is one of the next steps towards the Smarter Grid.

AMT-SYBEX has been working in the utility, energy and infrastructure industries since 1990 and creates enterprise software which enables the essential industries to manage evolving business challenges around enterprise mobility, smart grids, and enterprise asset management. The Affinity Suite was built on deep industry knowledge to deliver technical innovation and to help create utility networks fit for the future. It processes data flows for 85% of the UK energy retail market.

Andy Hamlyn, Deputy Group Chief Executive at AMT-SYBEX, said: “Future proofing the network and securing the supply of electricity for the UK is economically important. We are delighted to be involved in such a pioneering project which will help realise the value of smart grid technologies. It’s a significant step towards delivering a low carbon future for the benefit of us all.”

UK Power Networks delivers electricity to homes from the Wash in the east to the River Arun on the south coast, connecting 8 million people to the National Grid. AMT-SYBEX, selected following a strategic procurement during the project development, has been working with UK Power Networks and its predecessor organisations for almost twenty years and was a natural partner to help UK Power Networks realise the value of smart grid technologies.

Ben Wilson, Director of Strategy and Regulation and CFO at UK Power Networks, said: “The Smarter Network Storage project supports our aspirations to be an innovative low carbon leader. Our relationship with AMT-SYBEX means that we know they have the experience and expertise to provide intelligent networks management capability, as well as explore the technical and commercial opportunities of electrical storage which will ultimately reduce overall costs for customers.”

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