Fieldreach enriches North American nuclear

Affinity Fieldreach® has been selected by an AMT-SYBEX client in the global nuclear sector for roll out at its latest North American Nuclear Enrichment Plant. The decision reflects their on-going success with Fieldreach, which has helped increase efficiency and reduce costs in their European operations over the last 24 months.

Fieldreach provides our client with end to end mobilisation of key SAP transactions ensuring full traceability of enriched uranium to satisfy strict regulatory obligations. Specifically, the mobile solution rolled out in the US plant tracks cylinder movements throughout the enrichment process.

Transfer orders for the uranium cylinders are authorised in SAP and from that point on, all movements are tracked using the mobile device. Barcodes attached to the cylinders and target locations are scanned, minimising manual data entry and reducing the potential for errors. This provides a fully auditable history of the progress of the cylinders through each stage of the process.

Uranium enrichment is a pivotal part of the nuclear fuel supply chain which contributes to the sustainable generation of electricity for consumers around the world. Our client is firmly positioned as a worldwide leader in the nuclear enrichment sector, with around 31% of global market share. The combination of their industry-leading centrifuge technology, coupled with the use of Fieldreach mobile software to maximise plant efficiency, data quality and safety, sees them well positioned to continue this success.

About Affinity Fieldreach

Affinity Fieldreach is a business driven mobile solution that allows you to configure and deploy solutions in the field tailored to your own specific requirements.

It has been licensed on more than 35,000 mobile devices. The power and flexibility of Fieldreach lies in the unique mobile process orchestration which allows users to model existing business processes without the need for device-side software development.

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