Get better results from the field with Affinity Fieldreach v5.7

AMT-SYBEX is delighted to announce that the latest edition of Fieldreach is now available. Fieldreach is a business driven mobile solution that allows you to configure and deploy solutions in the field tailored to your own specific requirements, it’s been licensed on more than 35,000 mobile devices and is used by a number of top energy and infrastructure businesses, including: Network Rail, National Grid, Transport for London, and Electricity Northwest Limited.

The latest release of Fieldreach includes some exciting new features for the iOS platform:

Screenshot from Fieldreach v5.7
The Augmented Reality feature gives the mobile worker a view of the physical environment supplemented with key information related to the current job
  • Fully integrated mobile Work Management and Asset Management processes – provides additional flexibility when it comes to managing work, enabling multi-skilled/multi-disciplined teams to handle planned and reactive work together with full asset-context, maximising the ability to get things done more quickly.
  • Asset History (including on-demand option to download historic photographs) – Provides on-site asset intelligence to make evidence based decisions on asset maintenance, repair and replacement options and maximise the efficiency of work practices.
  • Location Services (search and display assets based on current location) – This allows operatives to view the assets on a map and determine the next best location to attend based on their current position. This feature will help field-workers reduce the amount of time it takes to find and repair/replace an asset and provides the opportunity to improve regulatory or key performance metrics such as delay minutes, outage duration and loss of supply.
  • Augmented Reality View – Will allow field-workers to overlay asset information with a live camera image of the asset, providing a new view of the asset with direction, distance and summary details to further aid in identification and in-field decision making.

These new features make Fieldreach the best mobile working choice on the market today. We have been working to deliver a product that is flexible and allows our customers to work in the way they want, not in the way in which their systems tell them to.

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