International deployment of Affinity Suite to mobilise SAP processes

Building on successful implementations with our client in the nuclear sector, across the UK, Germany, and Holland, AMT-SYBEX will be rolling out our mobile solution in North America. Concentrating on tracking and recording the movement of uranium around the clients US facility, the AMT-SYBEX solution allows our client to meet all regulatory requirements pertaining to the management of materials and assets on site at all times.

Graph showing the Affinity Suite in numbers
The Affinity Suite in numbers

The use of a mobile tagging & tracking solution was seen as the ideal way to accurately capture and record cylinder movements, removing manual entry thereby eliminating the possibility of user keying error. The solution has proven successful in their European operations over the last 18 months and has increased efficiency, reduced costs and aligned our client with international best practice.

Full bi-directional integration with the back office enterprise solution (SAP) is a technical feature also being implemented.

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