Mobilising SAP transactions in the nuclear industry

The Challenge
An AMT-SYBEX client within the nuclear sector embarked on a global SAP implementation to upgrade all their sites to SAP ECC6.0. As part of this implementation there was a significant business requirement to mobilise a number of key SAP transactions to help track the movement of radioactive materials and assets around the clients numerous sites.

It is a regulatory requirement to be able to identify the location of all materials and assets on sites at all times. The use of a mobile barcode tracking solution was seen as the ideal way to accurately capture and record movements as they happen. The current process saw operators recording these movements on sheets of paper and manually updating SAP at the end of their shift, a time consuming and ineffective process that often led to errors.

The main business drivers for this change were to:

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Reduce manual data entry through electronic data capture
  • Eliminate exceptions
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Implement Global process following best practice

Following initial discussions, AMT-SYBEX were tasked with producing a detailed scoping study to propose a deliverable solution within the required timescales.
This scoping study was based upon our knowledge of the systems and processes within this sector. It was conducted by our senior mobile and SAP integration consultants who held workshops with key business process owners and the SAP project team. This allowed us to fully understand processes, requirements and to enable a suitable solution to be designed.

The scoping study proposed a phased approach to delivering a scalable solution that would meet their core business requirements, timescales and align with their corporate strategy.

The Solution
The solution was an ‘out of the box’ implementation which aligned with the client’s corporate strategy and was delivered in conjunction with their SAP project.
The solution is comprised of our FDCS* mobile software, running on ruggedized mobile devices, supplemented by enhancements to Field Data Manager, our desktop management application, and our ‘FDCS – SAP Integration Adapter’.

Due to the sensitive nature of this client’s locations, wireless networks are not available on site and GPRS coverage is limited. This led us to deliver a cradle based solution for the transfer of data to and from SAP. The solution was designed around the scanning of barcodes attached to the client assets, which allowed each container movement to be planned in SAP and transferred to the mobile device for completion.
This ensured the accurate capture of all container movements in real time with minimal manual data entry. We also developed an ad-hoc movement script for unplanned or urgent container movements, allowing the operators maximum flexibility in their role while remaining within the boundaries of the company’s global process.

The solution was successfully deployed using AIM (AMT-SYBEX Implementation Methodology) to support the requirements identified in the initial scoping study. With our support, the client successfully went live as planned with their Global SAP Implementation.

AMT-SYBEX are currently in the process of mobilising further SAP transactions and delivering enhancements to the solution, this will provide the most complex functionality to date and will also provide the biggest benefits in terms of cost savings and process efficiency improvements. This will continue to allow the business to work smarter and follow best practice.

*FDCS is now Affinity Fieldreach