New Affinity Meterflow version 2.2 to be installed in live operation in China

We are pleased to announce the installation of the latest release of Meterflow version 2.2 software in a live operational deployment of smart meters which is taking place during November/December 2012 in China.

The new version of our meter data management product has enhanced features for utility companies including:

  • IEC CIM Compliant Network Hierarchy and Data Model
  • Energy Balancing functionality
  • Enhanced Analytics and Reporting Module
  • Additional application services available also include:
    • Request / Receive Profile
    • Request / Receive Meter Configuration
    • Tamper Reset
    • Configure Events
    • Create / Update Equipment
    • Multiple collection methods per channel

About Affinity Meterflow
Affinity Meterflow is a proven industry dataflow management solution for major energy companies within de-regulated energy markets. Meterflow provides a single platform for traditional and smart meter related processes and has been built with the flexibility to adapt to local markets and conditions.
It has recently been benchmarked with IBM® at market leading performance levels.

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