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Smart Energy Networks: Applications

Outage Management

Outage management is an issue for network operators who may currently have little visibility over how customers are affected when an outage occurs. Our solution for network operators allows total visibility of the network, enabling identification and rectification of connection problems before a customer has a chance to call, reducing call volumes and improving customer service.

Diagram of an energy network with a fault in the line


Current energy usage profiles are twenty years out of date making it difficult to accurately plan for new loads to be connected to the network. Our voltage heat map allows network operators see who is connected to the network for more accurate planning of new connections.

A voltage heat map superimposed on a map of London in the Networkflow application

Asset Management

management is vital for network operators to maintain a consistent load on the network and identify potential faults. With Networkflow®, network operators can see fault patterns and network stress without needing to carry out a fault management report. This will ensure better customer service and greater visibility of asset performance.

Closeup of a pylon with more pylons in the background