Smart Energy Networks

Networks businesses are faced with many new challenges around securing energy supply and managing the loads across the networks whilst dealing with aging, under-resourced networks that require reinforcement, or worse still, replacing.

We have a long history of working closely with our energy networks clients, and have helped them bring innovation to the way in which they manage their networks, whether that be linking assets to geographic and condition data, or providing advanced techniques and tools to help them plan maintenance strategies. We are currently working on a large grid-scale energy storage project in the UK, where our software will act as the central control and optimisation platform to support the exchange of data. Our long term and close relationships within the sector, our understanding of the industry, and continued investment in our product suite will help us support energy networks business through their next set of challenges.

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Smart solutions for Network Operators:

Increasing network visibility

Network Operators will seek to run their networks as close to capacity as possible, with full visibility of usage across the network, while meeting regulatory requirements with actual data. Measurements from meters and substations can be collected remotely and fault pattern recognition improves data integrity over time. Affinity Networkflow® will alert operators to outages before customers have reported the problem.

Intelligence gathering while reducing overheads

Every customer complaint must be resolved. But sending staff on site to monitor customer supply problems, especially for a lengthy period of time, can be costly and time-consuming. Networkflow uses two-way communication facility to gather data on consumption patterns, voltage levels, excess consumption and power quality without the need for a staff field visits. Where meters have the capability, Networkflow gives you visibility of the voltage at part of the system, and lets you know where, when and how frequently each voltage event occurs.

Reducing investment while enabling forward planning

Visibility of the load stresses on the network allows investment managers to plan the LV network investment ensuring that the operation is running confidently within limits. This will save staff time in follow-on planning investigations as well as actual network investment.

Assessing the health of your network

Visibility of faults and events by asset and location enables planners to assess the health of a section of the network very easily with data that would not have been previously available.

Asset management

Visibility of fault patterns by asset and location allows asset managers to understand how they are performing on measures such as “Worst Served Customers” as well as providing a good indication of where emerging fault locations are. This will feed into long term management and procurement strategies providing a better performance in the long term.


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Outage management

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Smart Energy Networks Applications page - Asset Management section

Asset Management

View the performance of an asset without needing to complete a fault report.
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