Smart Energy Retail

The de-regulation of utility markets throughout the world has created a need to support industry agreed processes and their associated dataflows between market participants. These multi-party processes create the potential for data misalignment and make the timely exchange of data between participants an essential component of core operations that have a direct impact on revenues.

This includes central change of supplier processes, and in many markets where metering has been unbundled, there is also a need to support processes in the areas of meter reading and meter operations.

Managing these data flows ineffectively leads to high operational costs, poor data quality and decision making capability, poor customer service and loss of revenue.

Affinity Marketflow is firmly established in the UK market where it manages dataflows for 35 million customers, representing 85% of the market, on a daily basis. As the UK moves closer to the government’s deadline of 2020 for the roll out of smart meters we are taking the steps needed to help our customers make that transition as smooth as possible.

Affinity Meterflow provides class leading meter data management, licensed for 5 million meter points and growing. It is in currently in use in China managing half hourly data for a major meter manufacturer and has proven ability to handle data for up to 100 million meters with market beating performance. You can read about the benchmark here.

Our experience through each phase of industry change has taught us that flexibility is the key to managing business processes. This flexibility is built into our products and ingrained in our people.
For information on our market interaction and meter data management products, visit the links below.


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Market Interaction Management

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Smart Meter Data Management

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Smart Meter Data Simulator

This “Smart Meter Simulator” enables utilities to analyse the impact of smart meter data.

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