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Dataflow solutions

The management of external and internal data flows in a utility organisation represents a significant challenge and requires niche knowledge and IT solutions in order for these flows to be managed effectively.

Our experience in complex data flow management projects has provided us with a deep insight of the problems and opportunities in this area.

Managing these data flows ineffectively leads to:

  • High operational costs
  • Poor data quality
  • Poor decision making capability
  • Poor customer service
  • Loss of revenue

Many of the changes that are taking place in the industry are increasing the challenges in these areas. De-regulation of utility markets makes the interaction of processes and data between various market roles/participants an essential part of core business processes. These multi-party processes create the potential for data misalignment and make the timely exchange of data between participants an essential component of core operations that have a direct impact on revenues.

The introduction of smart grid and smart metering technologies to support low carbon initiatives are also increasing the need for exchange of ever more complex between industry parties and are vastly increasing the data volumes from operational sources. While this huge data volume represents a very significant challenge in terms of efficient validation, aggregation, access and analysis of the data collected, it also creates significant opportunities for the utility companies to operate smarter networks, optimise investment and interact in new ways with the customer.

Dataflow products

Affinity Suite products are used to manage dataflows for 35 million gas and electricity customers in the UK, underpinning 85% of the gas market and 100% of the gas market in the Republic of Ireland.

It is the dataflow suite of choice for utility companies.

Energy Storage

We worked in partnership with UK Power Networks and the Low Carbon Network Fund to manage the control and optimisation platform for their Smarter Network Storage programme. Our Networkflow product delivered the forecasting, optimisation and storage solution that was crucial to the trial. The final close out report can be viewed here »


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John Griffith, Atlas Programme Director at RWE npower. – “AMT-SYBEX [is] one of the leading experts in dataflow management in the UK energy industry.”
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