Supporting your business

Diagram illustrating how Systemreach integrates with enterprise systems

Core Infrastructure

The Affinity Systemreach core infrastructure integrates through standard web services with your enterprise systems, providing a framework that allows rapid and flexible deployment of web applications. Packaged code for common functions and interfaces allows us to accelerate the development process.

Our configurable presentation layer and collaborative approach to requirements definition seeks to identify and minimise the amount of bespoke code written. This combined approach significantly de-risks project delivery and ensures that all web applications are secure, performant and will not be majorly affected by back-office upgrades.

Functional Modules

A large number of standard functional modules are available for deployment on top of the core Systemreach infrastructure.

These modules reflect the most common processes that our clients seek to enable through web applications. Specific requirements for the user front end – such as corporate style sheets, branding, or other organisational requirements – can in most cases be easily deployed using the standard framework. Some of these functional modules are applicable to specific industries, such as the water industry, while others are relevant to any business.

Our catalogue of web applications addresses complex business requirements that can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Business critical functionality – such as risk assessments, meter management or any defined business process that requires tight control.
  • Improved access to data within corporate systems – tools that enable easier, controlled manipulation of bulk data sets such as assets or maintenance tasks without requiring extensive training.
  • Industry specific compliance – such as gas pipeline management, asset registration.
  • Extending access – contractors, partners and internal users may require access to certain processes and data without needing full access to enterprise systems.
  • User Interface Streamlining – driving efficiencies and reducing training costs through improved screen design and simplified processes.

Bespoke Modules

Every business will inevitably have unique requirements, where no existing package or combination of systems is suitable. Working collaboratively with you, we can build a solution which is an exact match for the business challenge.

Choosing to build bespoke functionality on top of the proven Systemreach framework will significantly reduce project risk, ensure the solution is fit for purpose, reduce overall support costs and have minimal impact on your enterprise systems.

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