Water competition: Are you ready?

Water Competition: Are you ready?

By definition, competition multiplies the number of participants in a given industry and introduces common working practices aimed at underpinning a fair, efficient market.

As the Water industry faces into market opening, there is likely to be a certain duty of care under the new codes for safeguarding the integrity of industry-critical data and adhering to requirements for information exchange. Now is the time for the industry to influence what those codes, standards and processes should be and to begin discussion on what can reasonably be expected of the data held across all stakeholders. Incumbents should also do what they can to know what state their data is in right now.

As part of our on-going Know How initiative, we will post some thoughts arising from our experiences of dealing with similar industry change in other parts of the utility sectors. If you would like to be kept abreast of these updates, complete the form on the left.

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