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The Challenge

Bord Gáis Éireann (BGE) is the company responsible for acquiring, transmitting and distributing natural gas in Ireland. BGE was responsible for delivering the market opening programme as outlined by the Commission for Energy Regulation.

The overall business objectives of the Market Messaging (GasMAP) solution were to:

  • Minimise cost and technology-based barriers to market entry.
  • Automate the reliable and secure exchange of market messages between Bord Gáis Network (BGN) and retail gas Shippers’ applications in support of the retail gas market processes.
  • Provide a low cost method for Shippers to manually create and exchange market messages with BGN.
  • Integrate with BGN’s core IUS system. IUS is used to manage gas point registrations, forecasting, data collection and gas allocation on the gas distribution network, and retail transportation billing.
  • Provide Shippers with expeditious access to the BGN owned data that is required to execute market processes where time is of the essence.

The Solution

The AMT-SYBEX Data Transfer Solution (DTS*) was chosen after a competitive tender process. The flexibility of the product, which uses a catalogue driven approach to market data, shortened the time required to implement the solution and the risks associated with this complex project were minimised.

The solution provides all gas Shippers with a standardised method to communicate market process information with Bord Gáis Networks, ensuring equal treatment for all market participants and minimising barriers to market entry.

AMT-SYBEX provided all of the software components and licenses to meet the Gas MAP requirements. This included the core infrastructure components, communication adapters and the partner manager toolsets needed to enable third party suppliers.

*DTS is now Affinity Marketflow »