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Case study - Electricity North West

AMT-SYBEX worked with Electricity North West to prove that its operatives were conducting street works in full compliance with the Traffic Management Act.

Proving street works compliance


Electricity North West wanted a fail-safe way of proving that its field operatives were conducting street works efficiently, safely, and in full compliance with the Traffic Management Act. The distribution network operator developed a mobile working solution based on Affinity Fieldreach from AMT-SYBEX, which helps field based teams quickly and easily capture and log images and information on-site during every stage of a project. With photographic evidence of job site conditions, Electricity North West can provide irrefutable proof that proper procedure is followed when performing street works, reducing the risk of legal challenges, penalties or damage to the company’s reputation.

The challenge

The Traffic Management Act has introduced stricter penalties for utilities companies that fail to minimise the disruption caused by maintenance and improvement works that take place on highways. To avoid costly fines and reputational damage, Electricity North West sought a way to prove that its teams are following proper procedure when carrying out street works.

The solution

Using ruggedised iPhones running Affinity Fieldreach software, Electricity North West developed a new mobile working solution that allows operational teams to take photos and capture information from project sites, and prove that street works are safe, efficient, and undertaken in full compliance with the Act.

The benefits

  • Allows field teams to easily document the conditions of a job site before, during and after works take place, providing photographic proof that proper procedure is followed.
  • Mitigates the risk of legal penalties, reduces the amount paid out as goodwill payments in response to complaints, and protects Electricity North West’s reputation.
  • Enables front-line teams and contact centre workers to communicate more efficiently, boosting productivity.
  • Improves responsiveness to customers by providing real-time information on the status of maintenance and repair works.

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