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Case Study - Marble Power

AMT-SYBEX is helping Marble Power to win new customers by making the process of switching provider completely frictionless

Keeping electricity supplies flowing smoothly by managing customer data better

AMT-SYBEX is helping Marble Power to win new customers by making the process of switching provider so frictionless that they don’t even notice it’s happening, with our Marketflow industry interaction solution.

Marble Power is one of the UK's fastest growing energy providers in its sector and it has staked its reputation on providing an efficient, low cost and smooth service to its customers.

It recognises that it’s operating in a rapidly evolving market in which non-energy charges are increasing faster than the cost of energy itself. It also knows that, as a supplier, it needs to remain agile and positively engaged with the energy industry and the regulators to keep its operational costs and charges to a minimum, while delighting its customers.

The company relies on powerful data management software to manage the behind-the-scenes complexities of bringing a new customer on board. This year it migrated from its existing data management tool to AMT-SYBEX’s Marketflow platform to enable it to deliver better customer service. It didn’t make the decision to migrate lightly, owing to the significant risk involved: any disruption to the process of onboarding new customers could delay transfers or billing and mean that Marble Power fails to meet industry-defined service level agreements.

Marble Power has a proven track record of onboarding and managing clients large and small, but as it grew, the volume of manual interventions related to gas processes and read submissions significantly increased.

It recognised that the processes are critical in onboarding customers and that it needed to reduce its handling costs to drive efficiencies. At the same time, it had to ensure that it continued to operate to strict industry guidelines, mitigating regulatory breaches and penalties that can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.    

The team at Marble Power recognised that they needed a data management platform to help them to automate as many of these processes as possible and, ideally, to do this in compliance with legislative requirements. The result would be faster customer onboarding and reduced costs, in a system where all processes, reporting and regulatory governance were accurate, thereby safeguarding their customers and the integrity of their brand.  

For Marble Power, contemplating the potential disruption that addressing these challenges would take was not easy, considering the huge number of processes involved in bringing new customers on board. There are thousands of data items and multiple back-office applications involved in commissioning their meter, setting up the right billing code, and billing them promptly and accurately.

All this had to be addressed within a tight time frame, with minimum impact on Marble Power employees and with no loss of service to any new or existing customers.

So the solution had to embrace the recognised and growing need for digitally enhanced process automation. After evaluating the available products in the market, the company chose AMT-SYBEX’s industry-leading solution Marketflow.

With Marketflow now in place, Marble Power has been able to automate, manage and view more of the data processes underpinning its customer service delivery. This has enabled it to make considerable efficiency savings in the first three months of use, equivalent to one full-time member of staff on the gas shipping side of the business, and reduce the risk of manual errors. Consequently, it’s less likely to have to spend valuable time dealing with the regulator as Marketflow includes Industry Protection, ensuring that it’s always compliant and saving the risk of thousands of pounds in penalty payments.

More importantly, the new platform provides Marble Power with powerful data visualisation tools, and the ability to track its data flow processes in real time. This means that it can immediately see any process failures or delays caused by incompatible data or failed registrations and address them immediately – before a customer is affected or even aware of the situation. This means that customers start to realise their savings, and Marble Power sees its new revenue, faster.

Delays in the processing of data can cost energy suppliers millions of pounds in missed revenue each year. Marble Power can now reduce this risk by addressing issues proactively rather than reactively, creating a superior customer experience alongside a stronger balance sheet.

The project was delivered ahead of time and under budget, with the team at Marble Power initially budgeting for up to 30 days’ commitment for the transfer to Marketflow. But it took just 10 days’ effort from them, during which time AMT-SYBEX helped them to move around 450 separate data flow processes from the legacy system, with no missed registrations, downtime or effect on customers.

Marble Power’s use of Marketflow has exceeded all its expectations and is already delivering clear benefits to the company and its customers. As part of its relationship with AMT-SYBEX, Marketflow will reflect any future changes to the UK energy environment, giving it a secure, reliable platform for supporting future growth.

"Marketflow is at the heart of the customer's business. The deep insight into process and flow data allows them to improve energy forecasting, monitor and manage all industry processes while protecting core billing and CRM systems from manual intervention, reducing the risk of incorrect tariffs being charged and therefore reducing regulatory risk and improving the customers experience."

- Tim Dickens, Head of Sales at AMT-SYBEX

"AMT-SYBEX’s project management team was flawless, and the migration was painless and much faster than we anticipated. Our customers didn't notice a thing and, for me, that's the pinnacle of success."

- Chris Webb, Chief Operating Officer at Marble Power


The next step for Marble Power is to investigate whether there are any additional data flow processes that can be automated, particularly between Marketflow and the company's Gentrack customer relationship management system.

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