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The Challenge

In 2007/8 the Gas Transmission Work and Asset Management system was merged with the National Grid Electricity Transmission system into a single solution – MIMS (an earlier version of Mincom Ellipse.) With this, the number of registered users increased to circa 1000; on a typical working day around 250 individual users accessed MIMS in some capacity. Around the same time, National Grid began a SAP ‘Back Office’ implementation (Supply Chain, Finance and HR) which was successfully integrated with the MIMS application.

These changes significantly impacted the application landscape in which the MIMS Work and Asset Management System operated and work began in 2007 to meet the following challenges:

  • To become more effective through the further adoption of modern Asset Management Strategies
  • To become more efficient through improved Supply Chain Management, Resource Management, Planning and Scheduling
  • To meet Technical imperatives to upgrade key technology

The Solution

National Grid’s MIMS solution contained a significant portfolio of customisations implemented in previous initiatives to bridge gaps between core capability and business requirements. The latest version of the software, ELLIPSE 6, had the potential to fill many of these gaps and precluded the requirement for forward fitting the customisations. National Grid accordingly took the decision to upgrade the MIMS system to the latest version of Ellipse.

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