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Case study - Scottish Water

Scottish Water engaged AMT-SYBEX to develop a data assurance framework for its Wholesale water and sewerage business.

Building a data assurance framework to support decision-making and compliance


Seeking greater control of growing volumes of operational information, Scottish Water engaged AMT-SYBEX to develop a data assurance framework for its Wholesale water and sewerage business.

Working closely with a team of AMT-SYBEX consultants and subject matter experts, Scottish Water has deployed a number of mechanisms for assessing data, controlling change processes and measuring data quality.

Based on a number of recommendations from AMT-SYBEX, Scottish Water is also working to create a more evidence-based approach to data assurance and drive more consistent data quality and assurance standards.

The challenge

Scottish Water wanted to develop a more consistent approach to managing the increasing amounts of information held and volume of data changes undertaken by its Wholesale business, with the aim of improving both data quality and data assurance.

The solution

The company engaged AMT-SYBEX to create a robust data assurance framework for the Wholesale business, which includes a series of tools and mechanisms that are helping the company to improve information visibility, control change processes and boost overall data quality.

The benefits

  • Provides a systematic approach to measuring data standards, helping to target inconsistencies and anomalies and ensure that data is structured and maintained correctly.
  • Offers an enhanced view of data across the Wholesale business, enabling the company to clearly see the relationships between data and processes and implement better control of change.
  • Streamlines processes such as changes to data by providing assurance data to support and justify decision-making.
  • Improves processes within Scottish Water, creating more robust market data that also has benefits for the wider market.

Scottish Water provides water and waste water services to customers throughout Scotland. Formed in 2002, the publicly-owned company is responsible for providing reliable and cost-effective water and waste water services to 2.4 million households and 159,000 business customers. Every day Scottish Water supplies 1.3 billion litres of treated drinking water to customers’ properties, and removes and treats 840 million litres of waste water before returning it to the environment.

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