UK Power Networks

The Challenge

When EDF Energy (now known as UK Power Networks) brought together the distribution businesses of London Power Networks, Seeboard Power Networks and Eastern Power Networks, it faced the prospect of having to deal with the management of over 1.8 million assets from across the 3 companies; each using separate and aging legacy processes and systems for asset management.

As part of the overall integration programme, a review was made of how the combined asset management knowledge and experience of the three networks could be used to develop best practice asset management strategies, policies and standards for the new organisation and information systems to support them.
AMT-SYBEX worked with the business on reviewing existing asset management. This resulted in EDF Energy Networks identifying a major opportunity to significantly improve efficiencies by converging asset management across the whole business and completely re-working how asset management information was captured and processed – making it accessible and intuitive to all relevant employees, both in-sourced and outsourced, from the management to the field-force.

The Solution

The main deliverables were:

  • an integrated Asset Management information strategy built from the experience and knowledge of 3 large legacy organisations;
  • a more flexible set of tools to support changing information and asset management needs;
  • the need to improve the accuracy and completeness of the information to support future investment needs.

AMT-SYBEX worked closely with EDF Energy in developing the solution. Ellipse was used as the central asset register providing a single source of truth of information relating to all EDF Energy Networks electrical plant and civil structures across its distribution networks. Ellipse was chosen due to its proven reputation as a world class EAM system tailored specifically for infrastructure intensive industries, with significant implementations across the UK’s utility and transport businesses. This is supplemented by the use of the AMT-SYBEX Field Data Collection System (FDCS) to allow field engineers to receive accurate instructions for inspection and maintenance duties and update central asset records remotely from the field.

The new processes and tools are a major step forward in usability to operational and office staff, empowering them to make better decisions through easy access to information. The extensive work carried out by EDF Energy and AMT-SYBEX to integrate the 3 business units so that all the data and business processes are aligned to support the business and regulatory environment has supported EDF Energy Networks PAS 55 certification – a significant benchmark of success in itself!

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