Device Replacement and FDCS Optimisation at Southern Water

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AMT-SYBEX has concluded a Mobile application project with Southern Water which replaced existing life-expired hand-held devices used to receive work orders in the field.

The Challenge

Southern Water was seeking to improve key areas of their business to help improve data quality and efficiency in work allocation.

Richard Price, Operations Programme Manager at Southern Water explained that the project was

“a significant step in our drive to be No.1 in the Water Industry. We needed to modify our business processes both in Dispatch and the Field to enable the swift transfer of jobs & capture of quality asset data in parallel with driving efficiency in work allocation and work completion.”

The Solution

The old devices were replaced with 750 state-of-the-art handheld devices issued to Southern Water Field Workers. Not only does this hand-held solution provide the Field Worker with the standard FDCS* features – Planned and Reactive system maintenance services; but it also has three additional features:

  • Lone Worker: This safety related feature enables the Field Worker to communicate his/her position, estimated length of time in the field etc., to the Dispatcher; so that alarm bells can be raised if s/he has not returned, or reached their next job.
  • GPS Work Order Quality Check: Work orders have GPS locations relating to them. This ensures that the worker is within a predetermined radius of the worksite before opening the work order.
  • Device Managed Services: Each of the 750 issued devices is covered by a Managed Service, ensuring replacement of damaged or broken devices.
  • Business Systems Programme Manager for Assets and Operations at Southern Water, Martin Gooch, added: “The project team received great support from across the business, which is essential for the successful delivery of a project of this type.”

*FDCS is now Affinity Fieldreach