Ellipse Web Portal in Scottish Water

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Working with Scottish Water, we identified two areas of their business that could be enhanced by deploying new applications using the Ellipse Web Application Portal.

The Challenge

Historically, insurance exams such as lifting equipment inspections and electrical testing were managed by the insurance companies themselves. Scottish Water elected to bring this activity in house, but as they were still using the insurance companies to deliver the work they faced the challenge of ensuring that the contractors still had easy access to the work issued while at the same time effectively recording the exams as complete.

The second requirement was for a solution to manage the requests for meter installations, removals and replacements for business customers in Scotland following the opening of the water supply market to competition. Many different transactions needed to be created using several Ellipse applications. As many of the users were not primarily Ellipse users, an application was required which would simplify the user interface, enforce business logic and data rules and ultimately reduce the clerical overhead in managing metering requests.

The Solution

The solution to the problem of insurance exams was the deployment of an Insurance Contractor Work Portal. This allows contractors to receive and close Work Orders and allows them to upload the insurance certificates to a central document storage area. A simple download mechanism is provided which enables the contractor to access the assigned work in an electronic format for onward upload into their own systems. The Ellipse Web Portal provides Scottish Water with a simple and effective way of complying with specifications such as PAS 55 without the need to impose technical solutions on the contractor.

In addition, we developed and deployed an application via the Ellipse Web Application Portal which enables Scottish Water to support the new requirements around Water Meters with a modern and supportable application that enforces all the required business process and data rules and provides a simple and effective end user interface.