Managing small assets at UK Power Networks

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The Challenge

UK Power Networks saw an opportunity to increase safety, streamline maintenance processes, reduce costs and meet legislative requirements through best practice by creating a single, central solution for managing and maintaining small assets, such as tools and work equipment.

The Solution

Working with AMT-SYBEX, the UK Power Networks team integrated approximately 100,000 small asset records into its central Ellipse asset management system. To manage the on-going maintenance of these assets, the team developed a flexible web application based on Affinity Systemreach software.

The Benefits

  • Provides a single source of truth for small asset management, ensuring safe and efficient maintenance of tools and equipment.
  • Improves visibility of asset data, making it easier to demonstrate full compliance with health and safety regulations and quality management certifications.
  • Gives field supervisor’s greater insight into maintenance cycles, delivering more accurate maintenance and ensuring that the right equipment is available when needed.
  • Replaces 17 legacy databases and numerous spreadsheets, reducing software and management costs.
  • Reduces the need for manual data entry, saving time and improving data quality.
  • Increases user-friendliness, with an interface designed by users,for users.

UK Power Networks is one of the largest distribution network operators in the UK, operating three networks across the southeast and east of England and in London, which as the nation’s capital city presents a special challenge in terms of its electricity requirements. The company’s main role is to transform electricity from the national grid to domestic and commercial voltages, and distribute it to 7.9 million homes and businesses. It delivers 89 TWh of power to these end-users each year, through an infrastructure that comprises approximately 160,000 km of underground cabling and overhead lines.

UK Power Networks employs around 5,000 people, and its main responsibilities are the maintenance, expansion and enhancement of this extensive infrastructure. Teams of field engineers and supervisors are constantly working to improve the company’s networks, and every maintenance job is logged in its central asset management system, Ellipse from AMT-SYBEX.

“We have around 2.6 million assets registered in Ellipse, which gives us a very powerful and comprehensive view of our power networks and their maintenance requirements,” says Murdo Allan, Health, Safety, Sustainability and Technical Training Director at UK Power Networks. “However, we didn’t have a standardised method for tracking the maintenance cycles of our smaller assets – for example, the tools and equipment that our engineers use out in the field. We had different systems for different assets, and it was difficult to get an accurate view of the whole picture.”

Case Study – UKPN – Small Assets
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