Safeguarding the National Transmission system

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To gain greater insight into third-party risks to its gas transmission infrastructure, National Grid engaged AMT-SYBEX to integrate the company’s core asset management system with its incident management and GIS systems. Improved integration helps National Grid detect and address sources of risk more efficiently, helping to protect its extensive pipeline network.

The challenge

National Grid relies on an extensive range of asset and incident management systems to ensure the safe and reliable operation of more than 7,600 kilometres of high-pressure gas pipeline. In an effort to boost information visibility and better safeguard against risk, the company wanted to increase integration between these disparate systems.

The solution

Working closely with National Grid, AMT-SYBEX helped to integrate the company’s asset management solution; Ellipse, with various incident management and GIS systems, creating a set of co-ordinated, automated processes for organising and controlling work orders, asset information and incident reporting.

The benefits

  • Ensures that asset and incident information is kept secure and made more available, allowing the company to get more out of existing data.
  • Provides a full, historical picture of inspection work and third-party communication, boosting auditing standards.
  • Helps to improve visibility of activity out in the field, ensuring that inspection and risk remediation work is carried out appropriately and on schedule.
  • Allows the business to detect patterns of risk more effectively,improving the
    likelihood of resolving problems before they escalate.

National Grid owns and manages the systems that deliver gas and electricity to millions of customers across the UK. One of the largest investor-owned utilities in the world, the company plays a vital role in connecting homes and businesses to the energy they use.

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