Emergence: Generating powerful value from people, processes and technology

The utilities sector is under enormous pressure to keep vital services running whilst addressing safety and regulatory standards. Add to this a backdrop of engaged and responsive consumers with increasingly high expectations, and it’s clear to see the challenge facing the essential industries.

There are always new ideas, new ways of working and new technology available, but what does that mean for utilities? “Emergence” – creating powerful value from combining people, processes and technology was the theme for our 2017 customer event where we explored this issue in the context of the essential industries.

For a DNO, raised customer expectations combined with new technology as part of the smart meter roll out will mean the emergence of new fault management processes.

For the infrastructure industries, existing field working practices come together with new digitisation & data capture technologies which leads to the emergence of more efficient processes and more accurate data.

Emergence is about addressing a challenge or opportunity, a new capability laid on top of a capability we already have which drives us to deliver a change and, of course, some new value.


Moving towards Digital Site Data Capture and Transmission

Simon Barrett, Records Officer, Amec Foster Wheeler (Contracted to Wales & West Utilities)

Emerging Technologies – Automation and AI

Chris McKibbin, Future Solutions Lead, Capita

The Digital Utility – Innovative IT

Richard Wiles, Digital Innovation Manager, National Grid

Emergence of optimised flexibility in the Utility marketplace

Samir Alilat, Business Development Consultant, AMT-SYBEX