Forecasting The Future

Predicting the future is all but impossible. Forecasting on the other hand involves taking the knowledge and data we have today and generating a data-driven hypothesis about future state.

We live in an age of disruption and disruptive technologies, many of which are of direct relevance to our industries. One example is Digital Twins, this technology theme delivers the possibility of near-real-time emulation of a live network of assets. This brings our physical networks into a fully digital environment, making possible things like scenario planning, machine learning and predictive AI.

Below are a selection of presentations from our recent Forecasting The Future event; these include thought provoking updates from some of our Clients, other Capita businesses and our own views on disruption.


Forecasting the Future
Leonard Hayes, AMT-SYBEX

From Data to AI … using Analytics to forecast the future
Alan Crameri, Technical Director, Barrachd

A new delivery utility
Phill Davies, Magway

Electricity Flexibility and Forecasting System – Enabling the Flexible Future
Jenny Woodruff, Project Manager, Western Power Digital

Our Geofield Journey
Richard Collinson, Business Improvement Manager, Northern Powergrid